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Our Story

In the early 1980s, brothers Luther and Michael were intrigued by the emergence of affordable personal computing. They read all they could on the subject and even built their own computer from parts they had acquired. To share their knowledge and enthusiasm for this new field, they founded a computer literacy school to teach small business owners how to use this powerful technology. One of their students, an independent insurance agent, asked the prophetic question: "Can personal computers be used to rate and compare multiple insurance companies to find the best rate?" The answer was of course, "Yes". They authored the first version of CCiRater shortly thereafter and introduced comparative rating to the insurance industry.

Pioneers in Comparative Rating

Since 1983, CCiComputer Services, Inc. has provided Comparative Rating and Policy Management solutions to independent insurance agents across the Gulf South and, now, the nation. We pioneered computer-based comparative rating and were the first to offer a comprehensive all-in-one solution for rating and policy management.

Commitment to Quality

For over three decades, our commitment to providing quality agency products at an affordable price has made us a leader in the field. Easy to use and intuitive, CCiRater sets the mark for agency management software. We help independent agents navigate the challenging and competitive environment in which they operate.

Since 1983

Based in the Greater New Orleans area in Louisiana, CCiComputer Services, Inc. brings southern hospitality to the business world. Our dedicated support team shares a genuine concern for our customer's success, and we will do whatever it takes to make you happy and your agency profitable.

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Trusted for over 30 years
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