Agency Web Rater

The agency web rater lets your customers get an instant automobile quote while on your website.

This feature is automatically enabled for all CCiRater Desktop subscribers.

Make you website meaningful

Drive potential clients to your website by offering more than just brochure-ware. You can easily provide free online quotes based on your carriers, right from your website.

Handles Mobile Browsers Perfectly

CCiRater's Agency Webrater supports both desktop and mobile browsers depending on the device used to access your website. For the desktop browser you can choose between a super-fast single screen rater, or a more detailed multi-page rater. The mobile browser rater is offered only as a multi-page rater due to the small screen size.

Set your own Call to Action

All the raters have a customizable 'Thank You' screen, you can use our default or compose your own compelling call to action after the prospect gets their quotes.

Stay Informed

You are alerted whenever there is quote activity so you never miss a prospect. All quotes are stored securely online and can be easily retrieved directly into CCiRater Desktop from the client search screen.

How it works:

  • You add a small html snippet to one of your existing web pages
  • Your customers click the link to get an instant quote from up to three carriers
  • You receive an email confirmation of quote activity
  • The quote and customer contact information are saved
  • When the customer calls you open the quote they started in CCiRater Desktop


  • Fast and easy quote entry screen, takes only seconds to complete
  • You control which carriers are rated
  • Works perfectly on desktop browsers and mobile phones
  • No carrier names displayed to the customer
  • You are alerted by email whenever a quote is requested
  • Online quotes import directly into CCiRater Desktop

To get started click here (login with your CCiRater Desktop SN and Password)