Download CCiRater
CCiRater installation packages
CCiRater installation packages are for existing CCiRater customers that need to install a new copy of CCiRater. If you already have CCiRater installed on your network and only need to put CCiRater on a NEW WORKSTATION then DO NOT USE THIS!
For NEW WORKSTATION INSTALLS you only need to map the network drive then run CCiNetwork on your workstation (it is located in the CCiRater folder on your network). If you need assistance our support staff would be happy to remote in to your workstation and set it all up for you!
For NEW CUSTOMERS that do not have an existing CCiRater account click here to start a FREE trial. You will get the fully functional, unrestricted version of CCiRater FREE for 14 days.
For EXISTING CUSTOMERS that have a CCiRater account but need a clean install of CCiRater you can download your state’s install package with the buttons below.
For assistance call us at 800-899-2831 or email at